Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Goodness

Something to make your Mother's Day even brighter...
(responses from our K "interview" about moms)

*My mom always says...
"Be quiet!"
"It's dinnertime!"
"Sweetie Pie"
"Mind your own business!"
"Don't fight with your sister."
"Good job!"
"Hurry up!"
"Old potatoes make the sweetest potato soup and old bananas make the sweetest banana bread" (?!?!)
"I love you."

*My mom is happy when...
"she's close to me"
"I sleep in her bed"
"I eat"
"I get home from school"
"a lot!"
"I'm happy"

*My mom is sad when...
"I get hurt"
"people are mad at her"
"I'm not there"
"she forgets something at the grocery store"
"I leave"
"my dad messes up her plans"

*My mom is ____ years old...

*When I'm not around, my mom...
"puts a picture of me in her office"
"looks for me!"
"worries about me"
"stays home and watches movies"
"goes to D1 to work out"
"types on her computer and does research.  But not the hospital kind of research, because she's not a doctor, she's just a regular mom."
"helps old people"

*My mom is really good at...
"counting money"
"making 'pupcakes'"
"fixing machines"

*My mom is NOT good at...
"walking dogs"
"taking care of her azaleas"
"looking for movies to return to the library"
"keeping bug bites from happening"
"remembering people's names"
"making train sounds"
"putting on belts fast"

*My mom's best friend is...
"me. No, not me, because I'm her child.  It's Robert, the boy on my soccer team.  He's my best friend too.  He's OUR best friend."
"someone really, really far away. I think in Texas."

*My mom's favorite thing to do is...
"be alone"
"listen to girly music"
"go to the grocery store"
"come home"
"be with me"
"snuggle me"
"whip me"

*My mom hates...
"when a dog poops in our yard"
"bad words"
"when she gets wet and doesn't have a swimsuit on"
"mean people"
"bad guys"
"birds pooping on her"
"to be ignored"
"Burger King"
"inappropriate things"
"telling me things over and over"

*When my mom was a kid, she wanted to grow up to be...
"a popstar"
"an ice skater"
"fun and go to parties"
"a grown-up"
"an accountant"
"a grocery store worker"
"my mommy"
"a mom. That ALWAYS happens to girls!"

*My favorite thing about my mom is...
"that she likes me"
"she loves our family"
"she keeps us"
"she puts me to bed every night"
"she makes me feel good"
"she loves me"
"she cooks really, really good steak"
"she lets me borrow her stuff even if she needs it"

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